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Old-Style Generators
In 2008, we experienced a radical transformation of home colloidal silver production with the introduction of agitation to the distilled water during production. And that's the current focus of this website. However, since the 1990's, we had been producing colloidal silver and offering production generators and accessories online based on conventional old-style methods. Customers and visitors have contacted us requesting that we continue to provide these generators. So we continue to offer them here.

Talking Back: Responding to Questions Regarding Other Methods of Colloidal Silver Home Production
Occasionally I receive questions regarding the effectiveness of our method compared to methods advocated on other websites. I reply to those questions on this page.

Our Generator Story
How our generators and unique Silva-Caps have evolved over the years.

Colloidal Silver Case Studies and Uses
This page is a long list of case studies and applications of colloidal silver to enhance life and health

Colloidal Silver Tips
This page provides you with personal experiences and uses of colloidal silver from our customers and my family to yours!

Testimonials - Original Articles
We've begun a collection of informative original articles that are shared on Facebook and Pinterest. We think you'll like the information they provide!

Closing Thoughts
This page is a bit more philosophical, and reflects on the potential of something as simple as colloidal silver to be capable of literally altering the health of the world for the better!

Instructional Videos
This is a page of video listings highlighting our Silva-Cap production jar cap design, use of a laser pointer, plus instructions on set-up and use of most of our colloidal silver generators.

Printable Instruction Sheets
This page provides a list of printable instruction sheets for all our generators, along with tips for use and care of your silver rods.

View our blog
You are encouraged to visit our blog. This new feature will provide information about small-particle colloidal silver, colloidal silver production, and answer questions we receive from our website.

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