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Tips & Uses of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver Tips from Some of Our Customers and My Family too!

Would you like to share your personal colloidal silver tips with our website visitors?  Send us an email with your tips, and we'll post your suggestions on this page.

Disclaimer: The information provided below relates results from my own experiences and those experiences shared with us by our generator customers. It is in no way intended to suggest or imply a diagnosis or cure, nor that the use of colloidal silver prevented an illness better treated by a medical professional. Please consult a medical professional prior to beginning a treatment of any illness or disease.

Recent Generator Customer Emails

Vicky L. from Florida writes:

Finding much more uses- gardening, cat's water, keeps cilantro fresh in the fridge for so much longer, toenail spray, sanitizing......

Michelle H. from Tennessee writes:

The cool thing about meeting [my new friend] is she is a chemist and had never heard of silver and was fascinated by it. I made up several bottles for her. Her son would get severe canker sores in his mouth and nothing the doctor gave would help. Made the "external" kind [colloidal silver produced by our generators without agitating the water]  and told her to have him use it as a mouth rinse a few times a day when he gets them. She said it has healed his mouth. He's a teenager and also had bad acne. I told her I wipe my face down with silver to get rid of acne so he's started doing the same and his face is clearing up. I love this stuff ! When running production longer, It seemed to be more effective when we use it for colds/flu/ or preventative if we have come into contact with someone who was sick.

Christina S. from Michigan writes:

Colloidal silver literally helped saved my daughters life (MRSA infection in the blood after strongest antibiotic provided by doctor failed). I have actually used silver to cure sinus issues recently without the fancy bottle..........I simply dropped a few drops in each side as well as in my ears and poof I was getting better and continued to do so until I was doing so well I forgot to take the stuff anymore ...

Craig J. from New York writes:

I can scarcely believe how easy it is to manufacture a quart batch of colloidal silver. To date, I have made three quarts -- I filled up my oral and nasal misters and a few pint bottles for use around my home. (I really like those PETE amber containers; they are very easy to decant into other bottles/devices). I have been "experimenting" with my finished product in many ways already. I have been pouring 1/4 cup into my washing machine rinse water, adding a couple of tablespoons into by dish pan before washing dishes, spraying my bathroom and kitchen countertops and surfaces, and adding two tablespoons to every gallon jug of water I keep in my refrigerator. No more harsh antibacterial cleaners or Clorox for me!

The last time I stripped the bed, I even went so far as to vacuum off all sides of my mattresses and spritz all surfaces with my new "germ killer". I figured there was no way it could do any harm and would probably be quite beneficial. Then I began to look at all the many personal care products whose main ingredient is, of course, water. Well, guess what? My shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and more, now have a healthy dose of colloidal silver as an ingredient. Seem that you are limited only by your imagination.

Nasal Mister:
Part 1 of "How I Stay Healthy"

I can't tell you how valuable this little bottle AND the oral mister (see below) have become to me. Nasal Mister to allow you to use your Small-Particle Colloidal Silver to enhance your health

If you are someone prone to sinus infections and sinus headaches... or if you are someone who seems to catch a cold or sinus infection when you fly (and this can REALLY spoil a vacation!)... you are going to want this bottle.

I first began using a nasal mister because I began to wonder if spraying with colloidal silver would help with stuffy and inflamed sinuses. Was I ever surprised! I began spraying in the morning and at night. After a few days, I began to notice that my sinuses were clear all the time. Amazing, if you are accustomed to having stuffy sinuses. Then, I was informed that I hadn't awakened the house at night with my snoring in several days! Wow. That made it worth its weight in gold :). Then, I began to go through fall and winter with no colds or bronchitis, which I seemed to experience once or twice a year all my adult life. So the list of benefits goes on and on. If you are the type of individual that if you become ill, it usually begins in your sinuses or chest, get a nasal and oral mister. It's an amazing product that keeps me healthy over time. I spray 5 or 6 pump mists (inhaling sharply as I spray) in each nostril twice a day.

We're offering a 2-ounce bottle that easily goes with you on vacation. Just stick it in the plastic ziplock bag along with your small bottles of shampoo and tubes of toothpaste, and you'll not have a problem at the airport.

I keep colloidal silver in one of these around the house all the time. I have found that by using a nasal mister, I don't have a need to consume colloidal silver orally nearly as often. Result? I've only been making colloidal silver about 2 or 3 times a year for self-use, and this means that my silver rods are lasting YEARS longer!

It greatly relieves sinus pressure, and virtually ends sinus infections. And since I have been spraying before and after flying, I've never gone on vacation or come home from vacation with a head or chest cold. Invaluable for any home remedy kit!

Find one on your own, or order one from us. Worth every penny.

Oral Mister:
Part 2 of "How I Stay Healthy"

I tried an oral mister about a year after I tried the nasal mister. The nasal mister accomplished keeping my sinuses healthy and open. But if I had issues where I couldn't act on the cold or infection before it reached my lungs, I would generally have to endure illness for a few days (until the colloidal silver I drank or inhaled through the nasal mister would take affect).

Oral Mister to allow you to use your Small-Particle Colloidal Silver to Enhance your Health

Once about a year ago, after I had been using the nasal mister for about a year, I decided to try inhaling colloidal silver mist when I could feel a case of bronchitis coming on. I found an atomizer that I cleaned of it's previous contents, filled it with colloidal silver, and inhaled half a dozen shots before bed one night. (It requires that you take a deep, sharp breath at the moment you press the sprayer. It may take some practice, but you'll be able to do it after a few attempts.) I noticed marked improvement the next morning, and repeated inhaling the misted colloidal silver.

The result was actually pretty phenomenal. I literally kicked the onset of bronchitis that day. As you can tell by now, I don't just immediately race to put things like this up on the website. I prefer to use everything first, check it out, make sure it works, and then look into making them available while I share what amazing things they can do.

I discovered that I was actually able to stop a deep chest cold from ever getting beyond the "settling in" stage. I've had the tendency toward chest ailments (bronchitis and pneumonia) all my life. This oral mister has eliminated this sort of illness. I have gone from dealing with the onset of bronchitis a couple of times of year (greatly reduced in its length and intensity by colloidal silver taken orally) to ZERO onsets in the past 18 months.

Again, this is something that (with the nasal mister) has virtually eliminated the need for me to take colloidal silver orally, thus requiring that I make colloidal silver 2 or 3 times a year (quart jar amounts). My whole household uses both these misters when they need them. We are staying so healthy that we're finding that we're only "misting" (as we refer to it at home) a few times a week. However, I do tend to mist (with both misters) in the morning and before bed each day, especially in the cold winter months.

2 oz. Oral Mister Bottle (and small enough to carry on the plane).Go for this one too, folks. It works. Find one or you can order from us.

My amazing experiences with colloidal silver at the height of the current flu season

I have an amazing story to tell.

I have been misting with colloidal silver (via nasal mister and oral mister, available on this site) for a couple of years. I use it as a matter of routine first thing in the morning, and before bed at night. I have experienced phenomenal health benefits as a result year round. But I never expected this habit to so enhance and support my health during this flu season.

TWICE this season, about a month apart, I have awakened with dizziness, nausea, and the beginnings of acute sinus pressure and congestion. And here's a tip I learned the hard way: I learned that the EARLIER I used my colloidal silver, the FASTER it worked, and the SHORTER amount of time I experienced illness.

So, IMMEDIATELY I jumped up out of bed, went to the kitchen, and sprayed heavily with my misters. I then drank a couple of "gulps" of my colloidal silver in the jar in the kitchen cabinet. Within 10 to 15 minutes, the nausea disappeared. The dizziness and congestion were gone in 20 minutes.

I also have learned from experience that I may require additional colloidal silver later in the day because symptoms may return. So, I took my misters with me, along with a small jar of colloidal silver, and headed to work.

Sure enough, in about 5 or 6 hours, I could gradually feel the symptoms returning. So I misted again, and again drank some colloidal silver. This process of consuming and spraying colloidal silver continued for another 24 to 48 hours. I was able to continue with my life, continue to work and function normally. The symptoms completely disappeared in 2 or 3 days.

As I said, this happened AGAIN about a month later. I knew the first time was probable exposure from one of my co-workers, who came to work too early after being ill for 3 or 4 days. Thinking she was well enough to return to work, she came in for one day, and then had a complete relapse and was out of work another week.

The second time the symptoms came on was probably simply because I was living and working in a town with customers, sales clerks and others I came into contact with who were ill. I also have been quite rundown this winter because of additional job demands and very little time to rest during the holiday season.  So I know this contributed to my vulnerability.  I was not able to pinpoint the origin of the second round of symptoms, but I did note that they were not nearly as strong as the first, and so I used colloidal silver every 5 or 6 hours (as symptoms began to appear) for only one or two days.

This information in itself could change your life and the lives of the members of your family phenomenally this winter! If you've had the flu in the past (as I have), you know that it's just plain horrible. And given how much I despise being sick, I hope you'll be like me and jump on this information!

But overriding all this is a piece of information I hope you will print indelibly into your brain: Absolutely as soon as you notice symptoms, begin with your colloidal silver. The longer you wait with symptoms, the longer it will take the process of healing to take place.  I have discovered that even waiting a few hours before beginning to take colloidal silver could allow enough time for an illness to take hold, and then I would endure a longer period of time healing from it.

And get your rest!  It's amazing how much better you'll be able to fight off illness by simply getting enough rest.

Here's to your health!

My Personal Tips for Staying Healthy:
Incorporating MSM/ Vitamin C with Colloidal Silver Use

There is an inseparable component to colloidal silver use in remaining illness-free in my household. It's not a secret, but it's not usually ever mentioned in the literature that I am aware of, or rather I should say that it is not linked with colloidal silver usage as enhancing and making colloidal silver even more effective.

Through personal experience and through reading a variety of sources (you understand I am sure that you really must not take any one individual's opinion as gospel when reading articles on the internet, especially on the topic of colloidal silver... you truly need to read at least 6 or 8 articles, even if they outright conflict, before you can feel confident enough to make your own educated decisions), I became aware years ago of the insidious nature of inflammation. It was then that I was introduced to MSM coupled with Vitamin C (I use Ester-C because the acidic nature of standard Vitamin C). MSM is a natural anti-inflammatory substance, extremely effective, and available at ridiculously affordable prices.

As with most all herbal and vitamin/mineral supplements, I begin a regiment based on what the label recommends, and then I adjust over the next several days or weeks to find the most effective usage level for myself (as you know, we are all different and have different needs). A booklet I read back in the mid-1990's, when I first began to take MSM, recommended that every person should be taking 5 grams of MSM per day. I worked up to 5 grams (5,000mg) after a few weeks, and have been taking it every day since then. (Some people simple do not need 5 grams a day. I have a friend who cannot handle a 1000mg capsule. He must take a 500mg. How do we know when we have taken too much? We get what we call "MSM headaches." Pretty painful, and they can last up to 6 hours and not really respond to pain killers. I speak from experience:-)

Before I found colloidal silver, I took large amounts of MSM when I was fighting an illness. For me, my regular dosage is 2000mg, with 500mg of Vitamin C. I take this morning, noon, and cut it in half at night. This stems off just about anything that could infect me. If I did come down with something, I would take this dosage every 2 hours, or every time I would feel the symptoms heighten. And I would find myself usually coming down with something a couple of times a year.

Enter colloidal silver. Colliodal silver will indeed take care of the infection (bacterial, viral), but often I would retain symptoms of inflammation. I discovered that if I treat something with both MSM/Vitamin C and colloidal silver (with the nasal mister and oral mister), I can remain virtually illness free. I have been doing this treatment on myself now for about a year, in all circumstances (stressful situations at work, or long periods with very little sleep and rest, etc) and in all weather season with spectacular results. I haven't been ill. Hardly a sniffle. So I felt it was time to share this tip.

I have found a great source for very well priced MSM. I have found that, other than purchasing granules, there's really no difference in quality between expensive off-the-shelf MSM at a health food store, and Walmart's 1000mg capsules. But I have found a site that even beats Walmart's prices significantly. Walmart sells MSM in 1000mg capsules @ $9 for 90 capsules. Not bad. Certainly better than health food store prices. My source is 240 1000mg capsules for $8.95. It can be found at I usually buy 2 bottles at a time because there's a discount, and you get free shipping on $15 orders. While you are there you might want to look around for pricing on the other things you take. I get my Acai there, along with my CoQ10 and things like that. I'm not at all affiliated with the site, and they have no idea I am recommending it on this website, but I think you will really find some great deals there.

Hey! TAKE CARE! I've had this site up now for about 5 years, and you guys have been AWESOME.

I really appreciate your business.

Summer Colloidal Silver Tip: "Patchy" Suntanned Skin

We posted this tip last summer, and it was such a valuable tip that we're mentioning it again this year.

If you live in a warmer climate, or if you spend your weekends out on the lake, and you're working on a tan for the summer months, you or someone in your family might have discovered that your skin develops patches or spotting. It's not a very good look, is it?:-) You'll have this great tan on your arms, and you get out of the shower a few days later, and you've got these lighter patches or circles showing on your arms, chest, back or neck. The next time you go out into the sunshine, those patchy areas refuse to tan, and worse, the sun seems to aggravate them! They tend to turn bright red, and you'll even feel a burning sensation.

This happened to me, and I began trying to determine what was causing it. I discovered that it was a type of skin fungus that was "very difficult" to eliminate. The article I read provided me with 2 options: Visit a dermatologist and spend a fortune on some kind of antifungal cream, or try to eliminate it at home by slathering Celsun Blue dandruff shampoo all over my body, letting it soak in for 15 minutes, then washing it off, repeating this process for 5 straight days! Yikes! And then there was no guarantee that the fungus would not appear within a few weeks. And sure enough, later that summer, the same fungus showed up.

Put Colloidal Silver into a spray bottle for 101 uses!Then it dawned on me that colloidal silver was a powerful anti-fungal product! The next time the patchiness showed up early in the summer, I poured some colloidal silver onto a paper towel, and rubbed down my skin on the areas that had the patchiness (for me, it was on my chest and stomach, and even my upper arms). The weekend rolled around, and not even thinking about it any longer (because after using the silver, the usual accompanying itchiness disappeared), I headed out into the sun. By the end of the weekend, my skin color had become even again, with no sign of patchiness!

This is why today I keep a spray bottle on hand, especially during the summer months, filled with my colloidal silver. And yes, we offer spray bottles on this website for just these household needs. Just click onto the Accessories page. Colloidal silver very simply and very easily, in a matter of moments, killed the skin fungus that caused itchiness and unsightly patches on my skin. I highly recommend it!

Agitating the Water by
Heating and Adding Saline Solution

I have been contacted by several individuals recently, asking me if I have tried heating the distilled water prior to production, along with adding saline solution.

Honestly, I have not tried producing colloidal silver with this method, so I really don't have grounds to make comments about it. These individuals have assured me that they are able to produce stable colloidal silver very easily and quickly through this method. I say: "Do What Works!" If this works well for you, then by all means continue it. Remember that I feel that our greatest challenge in producing colloidal silver from home is making a product that is clear and stable over time, and one that is as high as possible in colloid content and is as low as possible in ionic content.

Common sense tells me that heating the water is another form of agitating the water. Which I am wholeheartedly in support of. As you know by reading various comments on this site, I have become a big big fan of agitating the distilled water during colloidal silver production.... by whatever means available to you.

However, I have chosen not to use saline (or salt solution). My reading concerning colloidal silver indicates that use of salt solution in colloidal silver production will generate silver chloride. And consumption of silver chloride over time creates the "blue man" condition, known as argyria.

So, let's just get it done. By whatever means. And let's make the highest quality product that we can! And thank you to those of you who have sent me your tips and comments. I appreciate being in contact with you!

Tip for your pet Dog and "Intestinal Issues"

My family and I live out in the country. We live in an area where we have a large fenced yard, and our family pet, our dog Buddy, can have plenty of room, but be contained and safe from the wild animals that live in the woods near our home. Our pet cat, Oscar, however, can roam freely. And Oscar does what cats will do: he hunts. And he brings his rodent kills home to the back door to enjoy. What remains becomes a "snack" for Buddy, often with less than desirable results for Buddy's intestinal tract.

Add to this that we live in an area that is known as a wintering ground for American Bald Eagles. Not many people realize that Bald Eagles are scavenger birds. They eat dead things to survive. Our area poultry farms are known to toss their dead chicken house birds out for the Bald Eagles to dine on. And they do... with relish. We're a neighbor to a particularly large poultry producer, and we have large old growth trees around the house. The Bald Eagles will fetch their dinners and dine in the trees on our property. Often pieces of the dead chickens will fall into the yard to be found by Buddy. He picks up where the Bald Eagle has left off. And these dead animals have the same effect on his intestinal tract as the dead field rats and field mice do.

The usual pattern is that Buddy's tract will clear up on its on... usually in about 3 days. On day 4 (after discovering in the fur on his back end that the problem still exists), I prepare to call the vet. But then the problem clears up... until the next batch of nasty bacteria gets into his system.

Recently, however, Buddy got bad bacteria from the dead animals into his system, and after about a week, I realized he couldn't deal with it on his own. I called the vet and prepared to set up an appointment. I prepared myself to follow Buddy around to snatch a stool sample and take it in to be tested. But then it dawned on me, "It's a bacterium that's causing him problems. Colloidal Silver can kill this bacterium."
So, I did a bit of investigating on naturopathic vet websites, and realized that I had had the solution to Buddy's problem all the time.

Based on his weight of 30 lbs., I gave him 2 to 3 tsp. of Colloidal Silver mixed in his food that night. His condition became visibly better the next day. I mixed Colloidal Silver in his food the next 2 nights, and his condition disappeared completely.... in just 2 days. I stopped then, but the condition began to reappear 2 days later. I resumed adding the Colloidal Silver, and continued adding Colloidal Silver the next 3 nights, and the problem completely disappeared, and he's been doing great since. That was 2 weeks ago. The Big Birds continue to feed in our trees, and Oscar continues to kill field rats and bring them home, and Buddy keeps a healthy digestive tract. All is good in our home!

(I would recommend that you investigate naturopathic veterinarian websites to determine the proper dosage for animals based on their weight. I didn't want to make matters worse for my dog by overfeeding him Colloidal Silver. So, as a measure to possibly repair any good bacterial interruption I might unknowingly cause, I did purchase a bottle of pet digestive enzymes to have on hand.)

The result? I have a healthy pet, and I saved on going to the vet and having to do the distasteful task of finding a stool sample. So, it's great to know that Colloidal Silver will work on my 4-legged friends as well!