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Below, find some of our most-asked questions regarding shipping and ordering

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I don't see my shoppping cart!

Occasionally we still get a frantic email or phone call of someone in the middle of ordering, and they cannot locate their shopping cart. It seems to have disappeared.

Not to worry. Your cart is simply showing up in another webpage or tab (depending on your browser). Look across the top of your computer screen for an additional "tab" that will be your shopping cart. If your browser activity is located on the bottom of your screen, you should notice that you have additional webpages open on your browser icon. Hover over the icon to view the open pages. Your shopping cart should be located there.

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I don't have a PayPal account. Can I still order online?

Yes. You do not need to be signed up with PayPal to order on this website. You will notice that on your checkout page, you have the opportunity to either select PayPal to checkout, or to use a credit card, debit card or e-check to make payment. (Note that e-checks will require a 3 to 5 day process time. We will be notified when your e-check has cleared, and will process and ship your order at that time.) PayPal is used as our online credit card processor, so your payment will be safely processed in the same manner as any other online purchase.

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PayPal won't take my credit card!

Occasionally we will hear from a customer who discovers at checkout that PayPal will not accept their credit card. We have discovered over time, and through checking with PayPal, that the reason a credit or debit card is kicked out is because of tightened security measures with online shopping, most often because your billing/shipping addresses do not match up with what is on file with your bank or credit card company. We suggest you double check all the information you have entered into the checkout process or try a different card. But definitely make sure that your card information is consistent with the information you are completing during your shopping cart process (especially your addresses).

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I don't want to use my credit or debit card online.
Can I call you with my credit card number?

Because of the high costs credit card companies charge to accept credit and debit cards, we do not have the ability to take credit card information over the phone. Our only method of accepting credit and debit cards is through the secure PayPal credit/debit card checkout program. The irony of this is that you do not want your credit card information put out there on the internet. But we have to use the internet to input your information! And you have just given your information to someone you really don't know (me!).

We do, however, welcome your mail orders (see below). If you do not wish to use a credit or debit card online, we recommend that you contact us via email to let us know that you have a mail order on the way. In this manner, we will have your order ready to ship when we receive your check. You will only lose mailing time for your check to arrive, because we will most often ship your order right away once we have received your check.

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Emailed Purchase and Shipping Notifications

Please note that your purchase receipt (from PayPal), and your shipping notification (also from PayPal) will be emailed to the email address attached to your PayPal account.

If you have not received your purchase receipt it is probably because your PayPal email address is different from your primary email address. So to retrieve these notifications, and to see if we have attempted to reach you regarding an issue with your order, please log in to your email address attached to your PayPal account.

For orders weighing under 5 lbs., we normally ship USPS by the method closest to the amount you were charged for shipping. For orders over 5 lbs., we usually ship FedEx Ground (unless your address is a post office box). In any case, you will receive email tracking information when we purchase shipping labels from either the US Postal Service or FedEx when we've packed your order to ship.

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Do you accept Mail Orders?

Mail orders are welcome (for USA orders only). We accept checks or money orders for the total amount, including shipping. Be sure that you add shipping charges to each order (regardless of size). Orders without shipping costs included only delay the receipt of your order (while we wait for additional funds from you).

Orders paid by money order will receive immediate attention. Personal/ business checks will require a processing period.

To print a mail order, we suggest that you go through the shopping cart process online through PayPal, type in your zip code on your shopping cart page to include shipping charges, andprint this pageprior to continuing to an online payment page. This printed page will be your mail order form.

Make your check payable to: Robert McDaniel

Enclose the appropriate amount, and mail to:
Healthy Planet Online, LLC
873 County Road 426
Berryville, Arkansas 72616

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Who is "Healthy Planet Online (HPO LLC)" on my credit card statement?

Your credit card/ bank statement will reflect this purchase was made via PayPal from "Healthy Planet Online." Healthy Planet Online, LLC, is our parent company.

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What is your warranty?

We do offer a 30-day money back guarantee, which covers a warranty against product workmanship and performance. Simply return the product you purchased, with your name and please provide the reason for the return. Ship the product to the address listed above. You will be refunded the product price, less shipping charges.

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Why is your warranty for only 30 days?

We are happy when individuals purchase our generator units to produce collodial silver to be retailed and/or wholesaled in a variety of venues. We too know that these units will produce a stable, extremely high quality product. I know that I would not hesitate to put our product, produced by our generators, up against most any other commercial product, because I know that the majority of these companies produce their colloidal silver in the same manner we provide.

With that said, I know that those who are purchasing our generator products to produce large amounts of colloidal silver to retail and wholesale will be producing an enormous amount of colloidal silver in a very short amount of time. Therefore, for these individuals, we set forth a 30-day warranty because defects in a product will most definitely show up within this relatively brief amount of time.

However, if you are an individual producing colloidal silver for you, your family, friends and acquaintances, know that we will be fair with you should your components for one reason or another fail. Simply contact us, describe your production frequency and process, describe what has failed, and we'll work with you and support you by working to remedy your situation.

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How quickly do you ship your orders?

I know that once you have made the decision to purchase and begin your own colloidal silver / nanoparticle silver production, that you are ready to go NOW. I was the same way.

So, we strive to get your order out to you as quickly as possible. If you place your order prior to 5pm CST, we are virtually able to ship out to you the next day (for US orders). Given our shipping method is the US Postal Service, even if you place an order on Friday afternoon, we will do our best to have it at the Post Office counter Saturday morning so that it can be on its way. Because we are a household with outside careers, orders are packed in the evenings.

UPDATE: If we receive a high number of orders (as we have in the spring of 2020), there will be lengthier delays. I will post updates on this website if there are longer delays in processing your order.

Once or twice a year, when we are traveling, orders will be shipped as soon as we return. The delay is typically no longer than 1 week. We will post a notice on ordering pages if we are out of town, the date of our return, and the free gift you will receive in appreciation for your patience if you place an order during this time. But again, if we are unable to ship right away because we are out of town, we will post a notice at the top of the ordering pages so you will know right away that your order might be delayed a few days.

International orders are typically shipped the business day following receipt of payment for shipping charges. Shipping charges are billed separately for the amount we must pay to send your order to you (please see below for international shipping guidelines).

And always remember that we appreciate your order!

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Do you ship outside the US?

We ALWAYS appreciate our international customers! And we appreciate your interest in our products.

However, we no longer ship to the European Union. Packages were returned to us with a laundry list of reasons "why." (Inappropriate voltage connections, item is a "health" item not compliant with EU standards, not enough warning labels for individual components, etc etc etc blah blah blah.)

Canada remains our most successful recipient country. It's a guess and a risk if we can ship successfully to other countries outside the EU. Please give careful consideration prior to your purchase if you live outside the US.

This is our policy: If your order is returned to us by your country's customs officials (this process usually takes 4 to 6 weeks), we will check the items inside for damage. We will refund you for the purchase price of the items that are resaleable. However, we cannot refund you your shipping charges.

Please: It is your responsibility to know whether your country will allow the items in your purchase to enter your country. (For example, India will not allow silver to enter the country, so we are not able to send our kits to India.)

Because of complications, we now follow the lead of other websites, and charge flat-rate shipping charges for international customers. These charges will be added to your purchase at checkout, with overpayment refunded to you when we purchase your shipping label. Know that you will ONLY be charged your ACTUAL shipping charges.

These are our International Shipping charges, applicable to all purchases outside the US:
Purchases up to $60: You will be charged $40 at checkout
Purchases $60 to $125: You will be charged $50 at checkout
Purchases $125 to $165: You will be charged $60 at checkout
Purchases $165 to $200: You will be charged $85 at checkout
Purchases $200 and up: You will be charged $110 at checkout

REMEMBER: If the actual cost of your shipping is less than the flat-rate shipping charge applied to your order above, we will refund you the difference when we purchase your shipping label.

A Special Note for International Customers

For customers outside North America, please know that all the electrical appliances accompanying our generators operate on 120V, 60hz AC electrical current.

Chances are your own AC electrical current is 220V to 240V. You will be required to use voltage adapters for our appliances to work properly. Altering our appliances for your electrical receptacles, and sending 220V to 240V through them will irreparably damage them.

You may easily purchase your adapters in your home country, or purchase an adapter onA step-down voltage converter is necessary to operate
			 our colloidal silver generators outside of North America this site. Adapters can be purchased at stores featuring travel accessories. Let the seller know that you need to adapt 120V appliances manufactured in the US, and they should provide you with the voltage converters you will need to ensure our products will work with your country's electrical systems.

We also make available a step-down voltage converter on our website. The converter accommodates 1 device. If you are considering purchasing "The Basic Kit" you are required to use 2 receptacles. In this case, we recommend that you also purchase a power strip, also available on this site. You may view and consider purchase of these items on our Generator Components page.