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We offer all the components you'll need to produce small-particle colloidal silver at home!

Below is a list of production components that will support your Colloidal Silver production.

We realize that many of these items you will have in your own home, and are available to you. You've no doubt viewed our Generators pages and seen how easily you can produce your own small-particle colloidal silver at home.

But if you are lacking any items, and you're ready to get started right away, the production components below will support your production process.

"Silva-Cap" Jar Caps

We love our very simple Silva-Cap idea. It's made making colloidal silver so simple, and so easy!

So, do you already own your own silver rods, electric transformer and jars? All you need is one of our Caps to make your production simpler!

Available in both "Standard Jar" size and "Wide-Mouth Jar" size.

Air Tube accesses are designed for 1/4" O.D. vinyl tubing.

Air Hose Support Tubes are 5/16" I.D.

(Please don't forget to select the style of canning jar that you use, so that we can send you the correct Silva-Cap size.)

See Descriptions of each Silver-Cap style below.

"I wanted to write you to tell you how incredibly easy you have made my colloidal silver production by using your Silva-Cap. I cannot believe how much simpler and mess-free it is to make my silver! Thank You!" -- Frances M., Jasper, AR

The Basic Silva-Cap

"Basic Silva-Cap"

This cap is the very basic in our line. Two rubber supports allow you to push in your own silver rods (for either 14g or 12g rods).

Push the silver rods up from the bottom through the rubber supports until approximately 1/4" of silver rod appears. Then, just screw the Silva-Cap onto your jarful of distilled water, attach your transformer alligator clips to your exposed silver rods, and you're ready to go!

Price: $5.95

Select Jar Style

"Basic Silva-Cap withBasic Cap with Opening for Air Hose Air Tube Agitator access and Air Relief opening"

This Silva-Cap is designed to accommodate an air pump agitator, allowing you to produce extremely high-quality small-silver colloidal silver at home because you are agitating the water.

You'll begin by installing your silver rods from underneath the cap, pushing them through the two rubber support holes until roughly 1/4" of silver rod appears. Next, screw your Silva-Cap onto your jarful of distilled water. Then, insert your air hose almost all the way to the bottom of the jar to agitate the water. Leave the remaining hole open for pumped-in air to escape.

Price: $11.95

Select Jar Style

"Basic Silva-Cap withBasic Silva-Cap with Rigid Support for Tubing Air Tube Air Agitator access and Air Relief openings, with Air Hose Support Tube"

This Silva-Cap design will also accommodate an air pump agitator, but has the added feature of a rigid NSF rate, PVC tube attached to the cap.

What is the purpose of the Air Hose Support Tube? Often when agitating the water with an air pump, slipping the hose into the jar can disturb and move the rods, often interrupting the level of quality of your colloidal silver production by causing the rods to move into a less than optimal location. The rigid tube keeps the air tube stationery during production.

This Silva-Cap design will support 2 silver rods. One cap will support 12g and 14g silver rods. We also now offer a Silva-Cap that will support 10g silver rods. Select below.

Simply push the rods through the holes in the rubber supports from underneath the cap until approximately 1/4" of the rods appear. Fill your jar with distilled water. Screw the cap onto the jar. Attach the alligator clips from the transformer to the silver rods showing through the supports, and plug in your transformer.

Push one end of the NSF-safe vinyl tubing onto the end of the air pump. Push the other end of the air hose through the larger of the two remaining holes on the Jar Cap that is installed with clear, PVC pipe. (The pipe is made from hospital lab/ food-grade safe PVC.) Slip the air hose all the way to the end of the tube so that air bubbles enter the water (and not travel back up the tube). The remaining unused hole in the Jar Cap allows for the air pumped into the jar to escape.

Silva-Cap to support 12g and 14g silver rods
Price: $14.95

Select Jar Cap Style

Silva-Cap to support 10g silver rods
Price: $14.95
Currently unavailable

. . ."I LOVE the Silva lid you came up with!!!!!"
-- Lori U., Liddleton, MA

.9999 Silver Rods are purest silver available

Got Pure Silver???

You know that you can't make great colloidal silver without very pure silver.

Our silver is .9999 pure (99.99% pure!).

Please be wary of WAY underpriced "pure" silver rods. Silver is truly one item that can be said that you'll get what you pay for. Do you realize that visually you cannot tell the difference between .999 silver and .9999 silver? Did you know that there are 10x fewer impurities in .9999 silver than in .999 silver? So, if you're getting .9999 silver at the same price as .999, or if you are seeing 12-gauge silver rods at the same price as 14-gauge (12-gauge is larger, thus containing more silver weight, and is usually much more expensive), please be cautious.

We purchase our silver from an extremely reliable, highly reputable source. And .9999 silver is the purest available, thus producing the safest and most effective colloidal silver product. I only use the purest silver available, and urge you to do the same.

Two 6-inch long 14-guage rods of .9999 pure silver, the purest silver available to us here in the US on the market today.This is the length of rod that we recommend for both pint and quart canning jars. (For pint jars, either cut one of the 6" rods into two 3" rods, or curl the 6" rods into a "J" shape.) Comes complete with 3M green scouring pad to clean silver rods before and after use, and tips for care and use.

Price: $25.00 per pair

(4) 9" .9999 Pure Silver Rods: $69
Required for the 1-Gallon Generator

(4) 6" .9999 Pure Silver Rods: $45
Required for the Half-Gallon Generator

Laser Pointer

Laser Pointer

A laser pointer is perhaps the best way that I use to determine if my small-particle colloidal silver process is complete. When I shine the laser beam through the width of the jar and see a solid, though somewhat translucent beam, I know my colloidal silver is ready.

So, why do I use a laser pointer, and not a TDS meter? I discuss the issues surrounding the lack of reliability of a TDS meter on my FAQ: Production page. It will be helpful to you if you read this page to take in the discoveries and facts surrounding a TDS meter used in the production of small-particle silver.

This is a great tool to have on hand to verify your colloidal silver process. Red pocket laser pointer tested and ready to use, with (2) AAA batteries installed.

Price: $8.95

Constant Voltage DC Transformers

A low-voltage transformer should be the top item on your list to produce colloidal silver, along with use of high-quality pure silver, of course.

Transformers are EVERYWHERE. You probably have a dozen or so sitting around the house, from old cell phones, old printers, and other devices.

My new favorite voltage is 24V, 500mA, because I have been most happy with my nanoparticle colloidal content, and the clear, clean end result using a 24-volt transformer with 500mA. I also discuss levels of voltages on the FAQ: Production Page.

I formerly only used a 12V transformer, but I discovered how much time I could save when using a 24V transformer. So, now we're also offering 24V, 500mA DC transformers. You'll be able to cut production time almost in half (when using our air bubbler agitation method) with 24V instead of 12V! Using the air bubbler agitation method will ensure a clean end result at the end of the production period.

So that's why we are offering them here. If you can't come up with a transformer at home, we have great ones here with a long cord and large 2" alligator clips that connect directly to your silver rods.

The 12V 500mA, 24V 500mA (the transformer I recommend and use at home), and 24V 1000mA transformers we offer are all constant voltage, providing with what we feel is the highest level of quality colloidal silver you will make at home.

Price: $19.95

Select Voltage/Amperge

Alligator Clips for your Low Voltage Transformer

Alligator Clips for your Low-Voltage Transformers

So you have a transformer, but you need the alligator clips to attach to your silver.

These alligator clips are designed to be crimped on, but from experience I've discovered that unless you have a crimper, it can be a real challenge to attach them tightly enough to create a solid connection. So they also have a screw terminal too. All you'll really need to do is slide the stripped wire through the opening in the end of the alligator clip, wrap it around the screw, and then tighten the screw. Just make sure everything is tight so that you get a good current of low-voltage electricity.

Price: $1.50 per pair

12" Leads with Alligator Clips on Both Ends

Making Colloidal Silver Production with 9V Batteries So Much Simpler!

If you're making colloidal silver with 9-volt batteries, you know it12-inch Low-Voltage Wire Leads with Alligator Clips can be a real challenge to find a way to connect your 9V batteries to your silver product.

That's why we came up with these leads for our own colloidal silver production when using 9V batteries, and make them available to you.

These leads are 18g copper stranded wire, 12" long, with alligator clips installed on both ends.

Price: $5.95 per pair

Air Pump "Water Agitator"

Adding an air pump to agitate the distilled water during the small-particle colloidal silver production process was the final key for me in producing quality, stable highest-particle colloidal silver.

I had read about the power of agitating the water in improving the end result of home colloidal silver production, but I didn't realize how dramatically the quality would improve.

Agitating the water does several important things. It slightly reduces the amount of ionic silver while generating a very high level of tiny 1nm to 2nm suspended colloidal particles. Therefore, you will notice that your colloidal silver solution will remain clear over time, and not turn yellow to amber in color. You will not have "plating" occurring in the bottom of your jar. And you will have very little silver oxide "clumps" forming on the negative rod. This also means that the small-particle colloidal silver remains quite stable.

The addition of an air pump to "bubble" or agitate the water will convert your home-produced colloidal silver to highest-quality, stable small-particle collodial silver. This device is simply a "must-have" for your colloidal silver production. Read about the dramatic difference agitating the distilled water during home production can have on your product by visiting our FAQs: Production page. I'm a believer in adding this process to your Colloidal Silver production process.

I have found Colloidal Silver Generators online that have a pump built in for about $400. You don't need to spend $400 to get this level of quality. Go out and buy a small aquarium pump and accomplish the same thing, or you can buy one from us below. 3' of clear vinyl NSF tubing is attached to the pump so you can begin using this pump immediately.


Battery-Powered Air Pump "Water Agitator"

Yes, this is the item you needAgitating the water converts your colloidal silver into silver nanoparticles. We agitate the water by infusing air into the distilled water during production. Use this battery-powered air pump to accompany your battery-powered small-particle colloidal silver generators. if you have your own conventional, battery-operated colloidal silver system, and you want to make the jump to producing small-particle colloidal silver.

We offer a complete, battery-powered generator system on this website, but if you have been producing colloidal silver with batteries, or are already set up to keep a battery powered system on hand, you need to have available to you the capability of producing small-particle colloidal silver. You really need to invest in this product.

Agitating the water converts your colloidal silver into silver nanoparticles. We agitate the water by infusing air into the distilled water during production. Use this battery-powered air pump to accompany your battery-powered small-particle colloidal silver generators.

We've taken the basic pump product, and added these features:

  • 36" of clear vinyl tubing installed
  • 2 hose clips to make storing your tubing with the air pump simpler
  • Velcro strips on bottom so you may attach this unit to any existing conventional colloidal silver unit
  • 2 "D" batteries installed

Price: $29.50

Adjustable Timers

We know that many generator websites are offering timers with their generators. So we're offering very reasonably priced, versatile timers here. These timers are

We offer 2 timer styles:

  • Timer with single, front-face plug-in
  • Timer with 2 outlets

2-Outlet Timer

This timer allows for both the 12V and 24V transformers, and also allows for the cord end from the Little Black Box small-particle generatorThis timer allows for both the 12V and 24V transformers, and also allows for the cord end from the Little Black Box small-particle generatorWe recommend this timer for the Basic Kit, which contains 2 devices that must be plugged in. This timer will control both devices.

Simply plug in the transformer on one side, and the air pump agitator on the other. Set the timer, and you are able to control production time for both components.

Price: $9.95

Single Outlet Timer

This timer allows for both the 12V and 24V transformers, and also allows for the cord end from the Little Black Box small-particle generatorThis timer allows for both the 12V and 24V transformers, and also allows for the cord end from the Little Black Box small-particle generator This design works really well with our "Little Black Box" nanoparticle colloidal silver generator, because all you need do is plug in the single cord end, set your time for production, and walk away.

In case you are producing by the conventional low-voltage method, this timer will allow you to plug in your transformer with no problems with space.

Price: $7.50

One-Gallon Production Jar with our own High-Volume Generator Silva-Cap

One-Gallon high volume colloidal silver production jar with Silva-Cap to enable you to make large quantities of small-particle colloidal silver at home

We're offering this one-gallon production jar with our uniquely designed one-gallon small-particle colloidal silver generator Silva-Cap. This production jar and Silva-Cap is intended for those who require high-volume production components, along with the unique efficiency and simplicity of our own Silva-Caps to make production easier.

We're sending the jar with the cap because, as you may already have discovered, there's no "universal" gallon jar cap (unlike quart-size canning jars). So we include the jar with the Siva-Cap, so that everything fits, and your high volume small-particle colloidal silver production will go smoothly and efficiently.

Price: $32

Voltage Step-Down Converters for Customers Outside North America

A step-down voltage converter is necessary to operate
			 our colloidal silver generators outside of North AmericaAll our devices require 120V AC electric current. For areas outside North America, you will be required to use a step-down voltage converter. 240V will irreparably damage the components in your geneator.

You may easily purchase step-down voltage converters in your own country from electronics or travel accessory retailers.

However, we do make available a quality step-down converter here for your convenience.A power strip is a convenient method to utilize only one electrical receptacle to plug in multiple items

This converter will allow 1 component to be plugged in. This single converter will work well with all our electric kits except the Basic Kit. The Basic Kit requires 2 electrical receptacles.

To accommodate 2 appliances, rather than purchase 2 converters, we recommend the additional purchase of a 120V "power strip." The power strip can be plugged into the voltage converter. You will then be able to plug both components of the Basic Kit into the power strip. We recommend the purchase of the power strip only if you are purchasing the Basic Kit.


Price of the Step-Down Voltage Converter: $29.50

Price of the Power Strip: $9.50

Canvas Tote to Store Your Production Equipment

Canvas Tote to Store Your Production Equipment Canvas Tote to Store Your Production Equipment This is a great all-cotton, light-weight economically priced tote to store your production equipement.

Measures 14"x14" with 26" straps. Perfect to hang in your pantry or in the closet of the spare room.

Note: This tote is included in the Black Box Generator, the Half-Gallon Generator, and the Gallon Generator electric kits, and the 27V and the 18V Battery Generator kits.

Price: $5.99

Thank you for your purchase!

Our efforts at "Colloidal Silver How-To" are to provide the means to produce colloidal silver at home to as many people as we have the opportunity, as safely, effectively and economically as possible.

We hope you will pass this site on to your friends and loved ones. And please contact us if you have any questions.