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Old-Style Generators

Our whole world of home colloidal silver production changed when we learned of the ease, simplicity and improved quality by agitating the water to create small-particle colloidal silver.

So, we made the decision to change all our generators over to small-particle production methods on this website about a year ago.

However, when we first began providing colloidal silver generators and supplies online around 2007, we offered a couple of simple, conventional style generators. There was no agitation of the water during production. Only a simple low-voltage DC generator attached to very pure silver rods suspended in distilled water. They were very popular.

We are now receiving emails often wondering where these generators can be found, and if previous customers can continue ordering them from us.

That's why we've decided to place them on this new page-- so that those who wish to order the old-style generators with simple low-voltage current, without agitating the water, may continue to do so.

So, enjoy! And we appreciate your long-term business.

Old-Style, Basic 9V Battery Silva-Cap Generator

9V Battery Silva-Cap

This simple, economical device has been a best-seller over the years.

For only $19.95, you can begin to make colloidal silver the conventional way, by simply applying a low-voltage DC current from a 9V battery to your suspended silver rods suspended in distilled water. Simple 9V Battery Production Method Utilizing our Own Silva-CapAll you do is add the silver, the jar and distilled water. (You can add the jar and silver rods to this simple Silva-Cap design below.)

This simple generator utilizes a single 9V battery. It's GREAT for off-the-grid production, to take on camping trips to purify water, and for any circumstances where you don't have electricity, and you can't pack a conventional low-voltage generator.

Add a set of .9999 (99.99% pure) silver rods and a production jar for only $27 more.

9V Battery Silva-Cap Generator Only (no production jar or silver rods with this purchase): $19.95

Select Jar Style

Order the 9V Silva-Cap Generator above and add a Production Jar and a Pair of .9999 Pure Silver Rods: $49

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Old-Style 12V and 24V Low-Voltage Electric Transformer Kit

The basic low-voltage colloidal silver generatorFor years (since the 1990's), this is the colloidal silver generator that I used to produce colloidal silver for myself and my family.

It was only in 2008 that I discovered the power of agitating the water to radically change the colloidal silver I was producing at home.

However, for at least 10 years, the method described and made available below is the method I used, and it is the method that many are using to producing colloidal silver at home.

It was because of correspondence from visitors and former customers that we are continuing to offer a generator that utilizes this method.

This generator consists of these components:

  • Basic Silva-Cap with rubber supports for a pair of 12g or 14g silver rods
  • 12V or 24V DC (500mA) Low-Voltage Transformer (Choose your transformer below)
  • Standard-Size or Wide-Mouth Production Jar
  • (2) 6" .9999 Silver Rods (purest available)

Price for 12V or 24V Low-Voltage Complete Generator Kit: $45

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Suggested Accessories for These Generators

View all our Production Components on our Generator Components Page

Add a Laser Pointer with (2) AAA Batteries Installed

A true required item to check progress during production. You will soon discover with production experience at what beam "density" you and your family like best. I rely on my laser pointer more heavily than a TDS meter!

Price: $8.95

Add a Plug-In Timer

A timer will allow you to set your desired production time without worries of over-producing. This timer's unique design will accept both a wall-plug transformer or a 2-prong household cord end. Not recommended for use with the Gallon Generator.

Price: $7.50

Add Extra Sets of Silver Rods

We are proud to only offer you the purest of silver to produce your colloidal silver at home. Our silver rods are .9999 (99.99%) pure -- the purest available. Did you know that .9999 silver is 10x more pure than .999 silver? This is the opportunity to stock up!

Price: $25 per set

Add (8) 1-Pint PET Amber Storage Bottles (includes funnel)

These amber bottles are ideal for storing colloidal silver, to give colloidal silver away, and to label and resell if you are producing colloidal silver as a business. A pouring funnel is included.

Price: $15.99

Suggested Accessories For Your Personal Health

These are the 3 most important items we recommend for maintaining a healthy body and a healthy home. See all our home and personal accessories on our Family Health Accessories Page.

Add a 4 oz. Mister Spray Bottle

This take-anywhere mister bottle filled with colloidal silver is perfect to disinfect surfaces, fruits and vegetables, and hands. Use it to spray anywhere on your body for relief from sunburn, bites and rashes. Amber glass bottle.

Price: $3.95

Add a 2 oz. Nasal Mister

This nasal mister filled with colloidal silver fights sinus infections and colds from one of the likely areas illness begins. I use mine 1 to 2 times a day to maintain optimal health. Cobalt blue glass bottle.

Price: $6.95

Add a 2 oz. Oral Mister

The oral mister filled with colloidal silver allows you to work another common area where you can fight viruses and bateria at the location they enter your system. Cobalt blue glass bottle.

Price: $6.95

Thank you for your order!

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Our efforts at "Colloidal Silver How-To" are to provide the means to produce colloidal silver at home to as many people as we have the opportunity, as safely, effectively and economically as possible.

We hope you will pass this site on to your friends and loved ones.
And please contact us if you have any questions.