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5 Steps I Use to Cure the Common Cold Within Hours by Using Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver makes for Healthy FamiliesYou're probably already sold on the amazing, healthful qualities of colloidal silver. And you probably have your own personal testimonial and story. No doubt you've shared your story with others.

I set myself on a path to find the highest quality production method at the best possible price for making colloidal silver at home.

And sharing that news is what this website is all about.

So, what better testimonial for the power of effective, stable colloidal silver made from home could I write about than how I cure a common cold within hours of experiencing symptoms.

That's what I'm writing about here.

 These are the 5 simple steps I use to eliminate the common cold with hours.

NOTE: Below is a PERSONAL TESTIMONIAL regarding effective usage of colloidal silver based on years of this website author's safe colloidal silver usage. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are in no way intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Step 1: I start using colloidal silver FAST--as soon as I notice symptoms

I have learned from experience that the longer I wait to begin taking colloidal silver to treat my symptoms, the longer it will take to become symptom-free. And it appears to take on almost a mathematical formula that basically goes like this: The number of days I wait to take colloidal silver = 2 x the number of days to become symptom free. (So even if I start taking colloidal silver much later, I am extremely confident that I will shorten the lifespan of the cold.)

 I start taking colloidal silver as soon as I experience symptoms: aches, sinus stuffiness, sneezing fits, chest congestion, etc.

It is so important to me to start colloidal silver as soon as symptoms appear that I keep colloidal silver tucked away everywhere I spend time (at home, at work, etc).

Now, this requires that your colloidal silver be high quality and quite stable. The colloidal silver produced by the generators on this site continues to remain stable and effective through months of storage. We've tested our colloidal silver  as long as 8 months after production, and the colloidal silver has remained just as stable and effective as it was the day it was produced.

Step 2: I use colloidal silver OFTEN during onset of any any sumptoms--as often as every hour.

When I am treating early symptoms of a cold or bronchitis, not only do I hit it early... I hit it hard and often.

Our Home Health Accessories make colloidal silver usage more effectiveIf I am using a nasal mister for my sinuses, an oral mister for chest issues, and/or combining these methods with taking colloidal silver orally, I use and consume colloidal silver as often as I feel symptoms. For my uses, I will take 1 to 2 Tblsp orally (1 to 2 sips) of 40ppm colloidal silver (that I make myself), and spray with dispensers, as often as hourly for the first 6 to 12 hours, or until I notice an elimination of symptoms.

When using spray dispensers, I typically use the nasal mister 6 to 8 times in each nostril, tilting my head back after use, making sure I can feel the colloidal silver coating the sinus cavity. (And if I feel a burning sensation in my sinus cavity, I know that I have inflammation. I know the colloidal silver is dealing with my sinus inflammation because the burning sensation is gone in 15 to 20 minutes.)

When using an oral mister/inhaler, I inhale at least 12 to 15 atomizer shots, or until I begin to feel the mist in my lungs.

Another shameless website promotion: We have misters, sprayers and atomizers available on this site.

Step 3: I use a HIGH-COLLOID DENSITY 40ppm colloidal silver product that I make myself instead of the standard 20ppm over-the-counter, retail colloidal silver product.

12-Volt and 24-Vol Colloidal Silver Generator with Air Pump Agitator will allow you to make highest-quality colloidal silver at homeI discovered after years of use that a commercial colloidal silver product at a level of 20ppm was effective eventually. But a colloidal silver product at 40ppm was even more effective, saving time, saving a fortune in money, and vastly increasing effectiveness.

The challenge is to find a high-quality colloid product with a higher density of colloids. When I couldn't find a quality commercial product meeting these guidelines, I simply began making my own, with my own generator system.

One more shameless website promotion: I use the Basic Low-Voltage 24V Electric Generator Kit on this site to affordably make high-quality, stable, high-density colloidal silver at 40ppm.

Step 4: I am FEARLESS in my consumption of colloidal silver. I am INTUITIVE to my body's needs.

When my body is absorbing and using colloidal silver for its benefit, I can literally feel my body wanting more. It's basically an intuitive sense of "craving" the colloidal silver when I drink it and when I use the sprayers when I am fighting an illness. I do not fear taking too much colloidal silver during these times.

We've all been duped into believing we're going to turn blue if we take too much colloidal silver. We need to keep certain realities in mind: The condition argyria appears to be caused by consuming not only large quantities of colloidal silver over extended periods of time, but in consuming colloidal silver produced with salts. The presence of salts (either table salt or saline) generates the presence of silver chloride. Consuming large quantities of silver chloride over time appears to bring about the potential for the condition argyria.

The answer to all this is simple. I MAKE MY OWN high-quality, high-colloid density colloidal silver product, and I recommend you do too. The colloidal silver made from our generators has been tested and is confirmed to produce a very high level of numbers of 1nm to 2nm particles.

If you are not making your own colloidal silver, why not? Our Complete Little Black Box Kit combined with a Silva-Cap is our own unique design to allow you to make Highest Quality Silver Small-Particle Colloidal Silver at homeWhen you are making your own colloidal silver, not only do you know exactly what you are making. You have complete control over the production process. And if you are making your own colloidal silver, you should have tests showing the quality of the colloidal silver you are producing by the people who make your generator. You may read about our tested colloidal silver generators on our site here.

Plus, you are saving A FORTUNE by making your own quality colloidal silver at home. You are producing extremely high-quality, 1nm to 2nm particle sized collodial silver for mere pennies per quart.

Final shameless website promotion: Our colloidal silver generators produce stable, highest-quality, effective colloidal silver with constant current low-voltage transformers, with an end product populated with a high-density level of 1nm to 2nm particles.

Step 5: I keep my colloidal silver usage regimen in place even after symptoms disappear.

Happy Healthy FamilyThis final step is very important. I put this step into place because, on occasion, I have stopped taking colloidal silver intensively too soon, and symptoms have begun to show up again. So, I stay with a strong regimen 2 days after symptoms disappear.

So, even if I have experienced cold symptoms in the middle of the day, and by quickly dealing with the symptoms with colloidal silver, I have no symptoms by nighttime, I still continue using colloidal silver aggressively for a couple of days after symptoms have disappeared.

When I'm dealing with a specific health issue, when I've identified symptoms, when I've begun taking colloidal silver every 1 to 2 hours, when I've used only high-colloid density colloidal silver that I've made myself, I take 1 final step to complete the process: I continue taking colloidal silver for a time even after symptoms disappear.

When I experience no symptoms for a full 2 days, I move back to my daily colloidal silver regimen.

So, let's recap the 5 Steps:

  • I respond FAST to symptoms.

  • I hit it FREQUENTLY with doses at least every 1 to 2 hours.

  • I only use HIGH-COLLOID DENSITY colloidal silver.

  • When dealing with the onset of a cold, I am FEARLESS and INTUITIVE with my colloidal silver consumption.

  • I KEEP MY REGIMEN GOING at least 6 hours after symptoms disappear, and then taper off use gradually over a 2 day period.

I urge your to commit these steps to your own colloidal silver usage.
I've generated amazing results over the years using these 5 basic steps.
It's what makes colloidal silver invaluable to me and to my household.

Here's to your health!

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