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A Mom Saves Her Son From MRSA with Colloidal Silver

"We saw a miracle happen before our eyes last summer, and will never forget it! We still have our son."

I just received this AMAZING testimonial from one of my customers. She uses our small-particle generator. And I think you'll read that making her own colloidal silver probably saved her son's life.

Here's her letter:

(Note: Graphic images to verify this testimonial were included with her letter and are posted below.)Small-Particle Colloidal Silver Generators from

In Aug 2013, my son, who is diabetic and cannot feel his feet, got an infection in his big toe that required amputation. While in the hospital after surgery, it was discovered he had been infected with MRSA, and they told him it was in his bloodstream, and he was septic. This required he stay in the hospital an additional 10 days on an IV antibiotic to make sure his blood was clear of the bacteria.

He returned home to recouperate, but on the 10th day woke up to his third (now second) toe being bright red. (See picture 1) He had some Colloidal Silver I had made for him and he took a few doses that day. That silver was my usual 3 hour run and I estimated it at about 3-5ppm [ed note: with an over-the-counter TDS meter. Actual colloidal content was 24ppm]. This was Tuesday morning.

By Wed. afternoon, about 36 hours later, his foot had turned a horrible red/blue/grey/purple color (see picture 2). He told us he was not going to have it removed. He didn't want to walk around on a stump and had had enough of the hospital. He wasn't going back. We knew we had to DO something! I had a quart of Colloidal Silver at home that was a higher ppm because I had forgotten it one day and had let it run much longer than usual. I don't know how many ppm it was, but it was strong! I took this to him and told him to take a TBS full every hour that first day. I know you will say that's WAY too much! But we didn't know what else to try, and the MRSA was moving so fast through his system we had no time to waste!

That day, Wed afternoon, starting about 4pm till bedtime, he took the TBS dose of silver every time he got up out of his chair for anything, and a good dose before bed. The next day his foot looked quite a bit better. He kept taking the silver often during the next day, and about 36 hours after starting the higher ppm and dosing more often (hourly at first), his foot looked much more normal. (see picture 3).

So in about 4 days his foot looked nearly normal, with just a little pink in the 3rd (2nd) toe (picture 4). It only continued to get better in the following week and he hasn't had any more trouble with it since. That was 9 months ago. He's had no recurring infections, and he still takes smaller ppm doses of Colloidal Silver every day to hopefully control this infection in his system. The higher ppm silver he only took for 3 days once his foot returned to nearly normal.

He watches carefully for any ingrown hairs, blisters, boils, sores, or broken skin, anything that could start the MRSA getting out of control again. Any open skin has to be dealt with quickly, even if there's no sign of an active infection. He recently had 3 pus filled ingrown hairs in a cluster on his chin. We know this is often how MRSA starts out. He put Colloidal Silver on a bandage and covered it, keeping the bandage wet with Silver to avoid spreading the MRSA germs to surfaces around the house and others in his family. So far, everything he's put the Colloidal Silver on has very quickly cleared of any pussy leasions and healed over comepletely in a matter of days. He also tries to increase his swallowed doses of silver when he has an active infection on his skin somewhere so it won't spread to his bloodstream again.

I am so grateful to have Colloidal Silver available to help us fight back against these drug resistant infections that are becoming more and more common every day and can move through your system so fast there may not be time to get help. It is deadly. We can't waste time waiting days for a doctors' appointment. A few days doesn't seem like much to most of us, but to my son, it may have been too late for him! It was moving through his foot much too fast! Having our own Colloidal Silver Generator gives me peace of mind because it allows me to keep enough CS on hand to take care of almost any infection that comes along quickly and inexpensively.

We saw a miracle happen before our eyes last summer, and will never forget it! We still have our son, and our son still has his foot! Well, most of it anyway.

We thank Robb and his CS Generator for that. He has been great to work with. Ordering is always quick and easy, and he always responds quickly to my emails. If I have questions, he has answers. And his generators are not expensive, and I have always gotten great results in all the batches of Silver I've made.

Thanks Robb!!
Aaron's mom, Laura M.
North Central Kentucky

Images below display photos taken by Laura (Aaron's mom) over a 4-day period:

Day 1 showing evidence of MRSA in the middle toeDay 1: "This was the start of the infection in the 3rd toe that's all red here."


Day 2 showing MRSA spreading throughout the foot Day 2: "This is the infection 2 days later running all through his foot.  He also had red streaks starting up his ankle, which isn't in the frame here."


Day 3 shows inflammation and redness have greatly decreased Day 3: "This was 2 days after he began large doses of silver."


Day 4 shows virtually a complete healing. After 9 months, Aaron remains healed from MRSA. Day 4: "This is a day (day 3) after his large doses of silver. It is almost completely healed. Barely any pink left on that 3rd toe. To us a really remarkable process!"






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