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Man Saves Eyesight after Eyeball Puncture with Colloidal Silver

I just received another AMAZING testimonial from one of my customers. This is truly a remarkable and moving story

I am copying his letter below in total with no edits. We thank God for Mark's recovery, and for the healthful power of colloidal silver.

Here's Mark's letter:

Rob,.... I found you about 3 years ago I think it was, maybe 4... Anyway I just wanted to thank you and your family so much for providing a much needed product to the general population. My friend I have made and used CS for so many different things now I could almost write a book on the uses of it. I remember the first set up I got from you......a simple battery powered deal. Wow that first item was used on us and our chickens rabbits and kitty cats in their drinking water and skin/fur problems. Truly a gift from our FATHER. I won't elaborate on those...I got something better.

That same summer while working on my John Deere I misshaped and stab myself in the eye with a large screwdriver. The actual eye-ball was punctured.....the emergency doctors and ophthalmologist were sure I would lose the eye due to ocular fluid leaking from the nasty puncture. That was on a Sat. morning and after eye irrigation and salves ,..and the pirate patch...I was sent home to return on Monday morning to the specialist. My friend I was in pain!!...I went home and asked Father for desperate help. In my mind or in prayerful reflection I was told to forgo the pharmacy meds and use CS drops....Brother I was hurting and I was very scared..... Now Im fifty six years old and have always trusted doctors to fix all my boo's....not this time!

I listened to our FATHER and used a dropper to place drops of CS in my injured eye. OH MY!!!!!!!! Goodness!! it burned like a hot cinder from a wood stove...but in my eye. I kept doing this for about 10 minutes and the whole time my wife was shaking her head in disbelief. After the drops I put the patch back on and went to bed.....about 8pm.

Around mid nite I was awoken and it seemed like I was told to do it again....this went on 2 or 3 times that nite. By Sunday lunch time the eye had quit oozing fluid and the pain had reduced a lot. I kept using the CS drops every couple hours until bed time,..the whole time hoping I had done the right thing......I mean this is my eyesight .

So Monday before lunch I go to the opto doctor for the exam and fate of my eye. Same specialist guy who came to the ER... This guy had already gave me the riot act on how my life was fixing to change due to vision impairment...only one eye.

Robb this doctor was so sure of himself that he just couldn't believe my eye had not collapsed ...said I was so so lucky....

Haaa Haaaaaa ,..told him That I had rejected his medicine and relied on CS for the treatment.

Well sure he milly mouthed it and said there was no science to back it up and all that kinda junk,...but at the same time was amazed my eye was looking better.

So now he prescribes more meds and drops/salves and such....ok...but I never filled the script. Nope...kept using the CS.....But now brother let me tell throbbed.

By Tuesday I could open my eye some and see...The next week I returned for the appointment and he was amazed that my eye was open and Had mostly full vision and the puncture was closed with only a lateral scar where the wound was. That was the last time I went to him.

After all that I gave thanx to the FATHER for healing...and kept doing the eye drops a couple times a day for a few weeks.

Come to today now.........I have a very small red scar on the white part of the eye,...I have occasional "Floaters"... my eye is not 20/20 anymore but I can still open site shoot my hunting rifles ( I hunt at times and do competition precision shooting with a club). Now it ain't quit as good as it was by NO means.....but I still shoot better than 3/4's of the younger guys in my club.......600 yards with NO sights. Praise GOD brother.

This is a praise report to our FATHER first of all,...then to you my brother, for the absolutely wonderful service you provide.

Many Thanx Robb!!!

ps. If you want to reprint or use any of this email as a report or testimonial for the website,..........Be MY GUEST!!

A true believer,

Mark Edwards

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